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Another solid example would be the death scene in both of the movie. In the old one, the death scene is showed pretty long, it follows the book completely its not much interesting to see, we need a lot of patience to watch it. First Romeo enters the tomb where Juliet lies unconscious, he sees Juliet dead, then gives a really long speech and kills himself, and then the priest comes up and sees this event and by then Juliet is directed to get up. Then Juliet gets up and sees Romeo dead, she refuses to go with him (the priest) and a speech is given then they show Juliet kill herself by suicide with the help of a dagger. This scene isn't that interesting in here, also it is very long. Whereas in the newer version by Luhram, this is constructed and directed very differently. Lines are cut in the play, and the scene is very suspenseful. While Romeo is loving Juliet and kissing her. Her hands are moving and she's waking up! It is pretty suspenseful especially if you haven't read the Romeo & Juliet drama before you hardly can have a bit of clue of what will happen next. Is Juliet going to wake up, are they going live happily ever after or are they both going die! Also in both movies, equipment is used differently. In Zefferelli, horses and dagger are shown unlike in Luhram cars and guns are more popular.

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The scenery as portrayed in the 1968 film is ‘correct,’ according to description provided within the text of Romeo and Juliet. The 1996 version, on the other hand, is a different story entirely. Set in a city that is made of different parts of Miami, Mexico City, and Veracruz, the story is given a modern feel. The use of modern clothing, as well as guns in place of swords, is also a definitive factor in the film. The gun, especially, seems to be a point of great interest in this more recent movie.

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, we watched Act 1 of Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet. This class we are going to watch the same scenes in Luhrmann's version and compare them, both to the other movie and to the play itself. As I set up the projector and film, students will take out their , which they started to complete last class, while watching the Zeffirelli movie. Once the worksheet is complete, we will compare the movies to the original text.

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Other factors play into this debate between traditional and modern setting, as well. It can be noted that both Luhrmann and Zeffirelli cast young, attractive actors in the roles of Romeo and Juliet. Another difference is the portrayal of characters. Zeffirelli’s Juliet is an active character, and great emphasis is placed upon her open expressions of desire. The setting in which she was placed at the Capulet ball only serves to reinforce this; displays of fruit and wine, lit archways, rich fabrics, and Juliet’s lavish red dress all point to Juliet’s sexuality.

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Since Zeffirelli interpreted Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet traditionally, the setting of the balcony scene in the film took place on the balcony of the Capulet castle, where just like Shakespeare writes, “The orchard walls are high and hard to climb,” (Romeo and Juliet, II, ii). The balcony is difficult to climb, so Romeo climbs a nearby tree multiple times throughout the scene to get closer to Juliet. On the other hand, Luhrmann interpreted Shakespeare’s play differently. Romeo climbs the balcony wall quickly using a ladder placed against the balcony wall by the Capulet poolside. However, when Juliet enters the poolside walking out from an elevator, Romeo simply jumps down from the top of the ladder landing flat on both his feet.