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won the and was nominated for , , , , and at the , which it lost to (Original Score, Original Song, Sound Mixing), (Sound Editing), and (Original Screenplay). Walt Disney Pictures also pushed for an nomination, but it was not nominated, provoking controversy as to whether the Academy deliberately restricted to the Best Animated Feature category. commented that "If there was ever a time where an animated feature deserved to be nominated for best picture it's Wall-E." Only three animated films, 1991's and Pixar's next two films, 2009's and 2010's , have ever been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. A reflective Stanton stated he was not disappointed the film was restricted to the Best Animated Film nomination because he was overwhelmed by the film's positive reception, and eventually "The line [between live-action and animation] is just getting so blurry that I think with each proceeding year, it's going to be tougher and tougher to say what's an animated movie and what's not an animated movie."

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And the caveman-like anthem that beats infectiously and chillingly through the end credits is the primal grunt that haunts us. Like an unruly addictive pulse its beat thumps on, deep in our veins. And it won't stop anytime soon. As with Howlin' Wolf's song earlier in the film, Allen Toussaint's easy-listening edition of competes with Robbie Robertson's and Matthew McConaughey's blunt, guitar-riffed in the end credits of "The Wolf Of Wall Street". The push-pull, yin-yang of the music is effective throughout the film, a movie which is asymmetrical in every way. Mr. Toussaint's sobering but optimistic piano excellence plays over the end scene then disappears early in the end credits, only to re-emerge triumphantly.

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Wall Street isn't a movie to make one think. It simply confirms what we all know we should think, while giving us a tantalizing, Sidney Sheldon-like peek into the boardrooms and bedrooms of the rich and powerful.

1. You will be viewing the movie WALL STREET by renting, buying or borrowing the film from the library.

Five page essay pertaining to the movie Wall Street, the character Gordon Gekko; was he guilty of elite deviance? The justification for the type of corporate crime.

Throughout "The Wolf Of Wall Street" Jordan Belfort lies to us pathologically, and in his book, like Tony Montana he is unblinkingly honest. Even when he lies, which is often, and to himself, he tells the truth in his own incredibly human way. The line between the truth and the lie is incredibly thin. One travels far faster than the other. In our pursuit of riches and identification with movie stars we want to be lied to. And we are. In the movies it's commonly known as "suspension of disbelief". We want to believe that once we become rich, everything will be all right. We play a hopeless lotto. We know we have no chance.
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Oliver Stone's 1987 movie Wall Street is one of the few successful, realistic films about finance.

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