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Families can talk about the portrayal of the Cuban missile crisis in Thirteen Days. Why is this incident considered such an important historical event? What other movies have you seen that deal with the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union?

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To browse Academia. The movie is about President Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis that occurred within just 68 days of history. I learned a lot about history from the movie Thirteen Days.

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Rationale for Using the Movie: Thirteen Days captures the tension that the crisis provoked and provides an example of how foreign policy was made in the last half of the 20th century. It enables students to understand the importance of diplomacy and leadership in high office.

Thirteen Days is more suspenseful than the car crashes and breathless chases of most run-of-the-mill action movies.
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the conspiracy movie JFK, now with Thirteen Days, ..

Humans inhabit a social environment comprised of systems that influence individual behavior and well-being. For instance, the extent of support and transactions that occur in a family environment may influence the vulnerability of members to influence from factors external to the family. Such susceptibility may vary with other factors such as biological stages of development, where, for instance, individuals in the teenage years may be more susceptible to peer influence compared to adults. In the movie Thirteen, the protagonist, Tracy, exemplifies various behavioral problems that may be explained through different social work theories. As the movie progresses, it is evident that the failures in Tracy’s family transactions, results in her clamor for a friendship with Evie, even when such friendship means her engaging in drug abuse and sexual risk behavior. Such behavioral change can be explained and managed through various theories including family systems theory, attachment theory, cognitive (social learning theory), and strengths perspective.

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Thirteen, A View of Adolescent Peer Pressure. A page research paper that discusses the movie Thirteen and its portrayal of female. Did you learn anything from this movie. Wikipedia Thirteen Days is a. We may know that the world doesn. T end, but the players in this drama don. Roger Donaldson, dramatizing the Cuban Missile Crisis. American historical political thriller film directed by. I call the movie a thriller, even though the outcome is known, because it plays like one.

That the horrors in this movie are worse than those found in the lives of most 13-year-olds, ..

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In prose, this kind of intimate collaboration is quiteimpossible. Serious prose, in any case, has to be composed insolitude, whereas the excitement of being part of a group isactually an aid to certain kinds of versification. Verse–andperhaps good verse of its own kind, though it would not be thehighest kind–might survive under even the most inquisitorialrégime. Even in a society where liberty and individualityhad been extinguished, there would still be a need either forpatriotic songs and heroic ballads celebrating victories, or forelaborate exercises in flattery; and these are the kinds of poemsthat can be written to order, or composed communally, withoutnecessarily lacking artistic value. Prose is a different matter,since the prose writer cannot narrow the range of his thoughtswithout killing his inventiveness. But the history of totalitariansocieties, or of groups of people who have adopted the totalitarianoutlook, suggests that loss of liberty is inimical to all forms ofliterature. German literature almost disappeared during the Hitlerrégime, and the case was not much better in Italy. Russianliterature, so far as one can judge by translations, hasdeteriorated markedly since the early days of the revolution,though some of the verse appears to be better than the prose. Fewif any Russian novels that it is possible to take seriously havebeen translated for about fifteen years. In western Europe andAmerica large sections of the literary intelligentsia have eitherpassed through the Communist Party or have been warmly sympatheticto it, but this whole leftward movement has producedextraordinarily few books worth reading. Orthodox Catholicism,again, seems to have a crushing effect upon certain literary forms,especially the novel. During a period of three hundred years, howmany people have been at once good novelists and good Catholics?The fact is that certain themes cannot be celebrated in words, andtyranny is one of them. No one ever wrote a good book in praise ofthe Inquisition. Poetry might survive in a totalitarian age, andcertain arts or half-arts, such as architecture, might even findtyranny beneficial, but the prose writer would have no choicebetween silence or death. Prose literature as we know it is theproduct of rationalism, of the Protestant centuries, of theautonomous individual. And the destruction of intellectual libertycripples the journalist, the sociological writer, the historian,the novelist, the critic, and the poet, in that order. In thefuture it is possible that a new kind of literature, not involvingindividual feeling or truthful observation, may arise, but no suchthing is at present imaginable. It seems much likelier that if theliberal culture that we have lived in since the Renaissance comesto an end, the literary art will perish with it.