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Edward Scissorhands: Film Review

Film Review: Edward Scissorhands

Burton uses a motif in the film; the falling of snow-like ice shards as Edward makes ice sculptures with his Scissorhands. This is used to symbolise both Edward’s connection with Kim and his final state and residence in the film. In a key scene, Kim dances under the falling ‘snow’ and this is basically the exact moment she falls for Edward. When he is driven away, he spends his time making sculptures and this has the effect of…

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Burton's flamboyant style courts disaster and sometimes achieves it. A few scenes are clumsily staged; a few others are fussy beyond endurance. But Burton is a true movie visionary with uncommon insights into hearts in torment. Kim is initially disgusted at the notion of holding Edward's hand. "Picture the damage he could do other places," says one of her friends. But Kim comes to cherish Edward for his imagination and devotion. He creates ice sculptures while she dances in the flakes to Danny Elfman's engulfing score. It's a cathartic moment — the artist sharing his feelings through his art. Depp and Ryder, a gifted actress, give the potentially sappy scene a potent intimacy. Later, when Kim reaches out to Edward, he pulls back his sharp, cold hands in despair until she tenderly wraps her arms around his chest. The memory of that moment suffuses the film even at the somber climax, which recalls Batman's poignant solitude atop that Gotham City tower. Edward Scissorhands isn't perfect. It's something better: pure magic.

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Edward Scissorhands uses a circular narrative structure as the Kim as the grandmother both opens and closes the film as she details the action as a bed-time story to her granddaughter. Furthermore Burton uses flashbacks to Edward’s past to manipulate time and reveal parts of his earlier life.

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Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands opens as an eccentric inventor (Vincent Price) lovingly assembles a synthetic youth named Edward (Johnny Depp). Edward …

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We expect the meeting to be full of anxiety and screams. But in fact, it feels more like a mother and son conversation that's full of humbleness, love and comfort. Arguably, this scene can be denoted as horror; in profundity, the genre connoted is fairytale. Therefore, in response to your statement claiming that Edward Scissorhands is an 'obvious horror movie' I strongly disagree. Edward Scissorhands' opening scenes do contain obvious horror conventions but also contain conventions of the fairytale genre. I believe that your statement is a presumption of the movie. The soundtrack that features with the movie seems to have a Gothic feel but in fact after those tracks have been heard, there's chirpier sounds that also help to set the fairytale mood. If, analysed carefully, you will find that the movie tends to lean towards the fairytale genre rather than horror. The horror genre is mainly seen in the opening scenes. In horror, you usually come across the ideas of loneliness and isolation but Tim Burton shows us an alternate portrayal of these ideas. On this note, Tim Burton created a film that mixes genres and confounds audience expectations because as being the director, he found that he did not want his film to be predictable. Therefore, by creating contrast between two very different genres throughout the opening scene, the film loses its predictability and makes the audience start to relax and enjoy the storyline more; as it unravels. Yours sincerely, J Smith