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Dangerous Minds stands out from its predecessors and many of the films that followed as a particularly egregious example of the inspirational-teacher idiom, particularly when it comes to its feel-good oversimplifying of two of its themes, pedagogy and race. The drama, loosely based on the memoir by retired-Marine-turned-teacher LouAnne Johnson, doesn’t just stick to a well-worn path; in heightening the genre’s worst tropes so effusively, it elevates the condescendence and, more embarrassingly, the white-savior narrative that so frequently rests at its core.

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All in all, Dangerous Minds could have been better if the lines and story were more realistic. But the acting and casting made up for its weak screenplay. It was still enjoyable to see that there are still some people, even if they are very rare, who still want to make a difference in America. Hopefully, this movie will inspire all aspiring and existing teachers to be like LouAnne. Nothing is perfect in this world, and certainly this movie falls short too. But it is good enough to uplift those who need it and perhaps even to spark change in America.

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There are more details that make the movie different, but that would just make this a list. Overall, i felt that Dangerous Minds was a good basis to build a better movie off of and the people of Freedom Writers did just that. Freedom Writers took more time and made sure they tied in everything and made everything perfect, almost. They basically used Dangerous Mind as a rough draft and almost everything in Freedom Writers was better. Dangerous Minds had a couple of things that just left kind of unfulfilled. I’m not sure if its the narrative, but it felt kind of rushed to me.

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McNeely, B. (1997). A discussion of the movie, Dangerous Minds. S. Hamilton, MA: Center for Youth Studies. OVERVIEW

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"Dangerous Minds" tells another one of those upliftingparables in which the dedicated teacher takes on a schoolroom full ofrebellious malcontents, and wins them over with an unorthodox approach. Movieslike this are inevitably "based on a real story." Maybe they tell youthat because otherwise you'd think they were pure fantasy.

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Many movies involving teachers and tough students have been produced over the years. The objective of most of these movies is to show that even tough students, who are considered hopeless by the society, can change their ways and mature to be responsible. The teacher in the movie ends up finding some hidden talent within the students, which the student did not know they had. In most of these movies, minority communities such as African-Americans and Latinos are usually the target. These communities are targeted for their apparent tough attitude towards life and the harsh conditions that they endure. The movie Dangerous Minds is no exception. It shows how a teacher struggles to change the students in an inner city school and how she succeeds in the end. Concepts such as adolescent development, their identity, morality and ego development, the teacher’s role, parental style, juvenile delinquency, adolescent pregnancy, adolescent mental health and bullying are addressed.