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That Diner talk has reached overkill—see Two and a Half Men or any N.F.L. pre-game show—only underscores Levinson’s achievement. He created a story about guys who did some stupid and cruel things—faking a car crash, wrecking a Christmas manger, coming very close to cuckolding a friend—yet made you love them. Bromances, for lack of a better word, aren’t buddy movies; you may love Butch and Sundance and Lethal Weapon, but you’re not yearning to die in a hail of gunfire or sit on that bomb-rigged toilet. But Diner makes you want to order a coffee and listen in. You want to be with Eddie and Modell. Like Nick Hornby, you want to be in the movie.

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Diversity and discrimination have forever been an indispensable component of human nature. Whether we move back to the hard times of the Great Depression or come to the modern day’s society, we find a strong reflection of racialism everywhere. These aspects have been well reflected in the movie ‘Crash’. The movie ‘Crash’, released in 2005 was directed by Paul Haggis and written by Paul Haggis and Robert Moresco and won three Academy awards.

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The movie revolves mainly around the overlapping or interlocking events in the life of whites and blacks, rich and poor, cops and criminals, Iranians, Koreans and Latinos – everything defined ultimately by racism. The idea is that “moving at the speed of life, we are bound to collide with each other”. It is based on everyday racial reactions in the human society. How we react to situations adds hue to our perceptions of living life itself. All the people involved are guilty of the discrimination but sometimes through indifference, they rise above these. Assuming something about the person before us is rather a dominant feature in Crash. Crash describes a number of people with almost equal importance and shows the psychological inhibitions each of them has based on these narrowness of discrimination. The movie contains coldness, cruelty and pain, but finally unfolds to generate sympathy from general audience and an expectation that people would learn to share similar hopes and fears.

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The first time I saw Crash my initial response was that the movie is incredibly sad. It is upsetting that so many of the racial issues we are faced with today stem from ignorance and fear. Part of me thinks this movie goes a little overboard with the racism issues in the movie because I don’t know if it is likely that so many people’s paths would cross in such a way where so many of them have such deep rooted racism and misunderstanding. It almost seems like the movie takes the racial stereotypes…

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There are people in the society who are victimized and shunned by us, yet if we get to know them closer they might not appear as dangerous or repulsive as they do from a distance. Hence, it is an undesirable human act to jump to any conclusion about anyone, based on any assumptions. Even such assumptions are usually based on race and classes, which is again a mistake. Every weak section requires our sympathy and understanding. Also, everyone has something or the other to teach us. Hence the society needs to look beyond superficial views and try not to judge anyone before careful observation and judgment. The movie Crash shows us that when we collide with other people’s lives, it generates some reactions (both positive and negative), which make us realize that the world is bigger than our own lives and ourselves. It stresses on the social changes and ethnic diversity of America that has made it almost impossible to guess people’s nationality. The movie attempts to end in an optimistic note and points to the need of proper education.

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For my analysis I choose to look into the movie, "Crash" directed by Paul Haggis. It is a story that takes place in Los Angeles where a handful of peoples lives intertwine as they deal with tense racial differences while living in the city. I had used a lot of terms from chapter three: intercultural communication because of the fact that culture was so dominant.