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Cinema is a medium of communication because it sends a message. A film has a reason for being made. For example, Crash; a movie by Paul Haggis — aims to show the role of race and class in the average society. The movie sends a message by showing that it is essential to wipe out racism in our communities because it fosters unnecessary hatred for people who may be helpful to us sometime. Cinema communicates to us in ways other mediums can’t. It uses visual, and audio (sometimes) to stimulate our minds, and make us aware of things t...

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Communication is the process involved in conveying of messages. The messages have to be meaningful for them to be conveyed. The process of communication requires three facilitators, for exchange. First, there has to be the message to be delivered, the sender of the message and whom it is intended to reach, in this case being the recipient. Communication is a process that can take place across very long distances within a short time depending on the media of transfer. In communication, there exist several concepts that are used to bring out the vision of a producer of a movie. In the movie titled ‘The Help’, several communication concepts have been displayed through the different characters found in the movie. Therefore, this paper will explore the concept of racism, supportiveness and self-concept as seen in ‘The Help’.

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Supportiveness is another concept of communication that has been brought out in ‘The Help’. The characters have brought out the intended concept through the actions and activities that they have been assigned in the movie. Supportiveness is the act of showing positivity in relation with the individuals who have problems. Supportiveness addresses the communication, which has more inspiration to the affected party as opposed to not offering any inspiration to the person of the affected party. For example in this movie, Phelan is a good character to express the concept of being supportive especially when it comes to the black maids. Therefore, the concepts that are used to communicate have been brought out well in this movie (Black, 2010).

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Skeeter who is a young woman from the white community finishes her degree and her first job is that of being a columnist with homemaker hints. When she finds her maid gone she has suspicious of what could have happened to her and decides to right a book. The maids in this movie show the communication concept being supportive. They are willing to help Skeeter by answering some of the questions she has set as part of the research tools, although at first they are scared of losing their jobs by answering the questions. Minny declines offering to help Skeeter because she has a rich socialite for a husband. She later demonstrates her supportiveness by contributing her views. Skeeter herself demonstrates the supportiveness by first caring for the welfare of the black community. She intends to stop the racism that is continually spreading with no hope of ever coming to the end. Her research meant to bring out equality amongst the white and the black. She is supportive to the complete eradication of the racism (Patricia, 2008).

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R. Berko expresses in "Communicating: A Social and Career Focus" that human communication occurs on the public, intrapersonal and interpersonal levels wherein intrapersonal communication involves communication with the self, interpersonal between two or more people, and public between a speaker and a larger audience either face-to-face or over broadcast like television, radio or the internet.

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Communication between animals can be an important aspect of understanding why and how they communicate. Only through communication can one animal influence behavior of another. Animals may communicate by sounds, scents, touch, and movement. Any sensory channel may be used, giving animal communication richness and variety. Communication of animals consists of a limited repertoire of signals. Typically, each signal conveys one and only one message. A single message from a sender may, however, contain several bits of relevant information for a receiver. A display is a kind of behavior or series of behaviors that serves communication. The release of sex attractant by a female moth, the dances of bees, the alarm calls of herring gulls, and “eyespots” on the hind wings used by certain moths to startle potential predators are all examples of displays. The exaggerated nature of the displays ensures that the message is not missed or misunderstood. Such displays are essential to establish and maintain a strong pair bond between male and female. This requirement also explains the repetitious nature of displays that follow one another throughout courtship and until lying of eggs. Repetitious displays maintain a state of mutual stimulation between male and female, ensuring the cooperation necessary for copulation and subsequent incubation and care of young.