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Children of Men is an action-packed movie. Cuarón uses long, slow takes showing banal activity immediately before sudden, explosive scenes, making their impact immensely powerful. In the first five minutes, we are shown a long scene of Theo watching television in a pub, and then walking out slowly, pausing for a while to look around filthy, garbage strewn Fleet street. Without warning, a bomb in the pub goes off, startling the viewer out of her` skin. Much of the latter half of the movie is set in Bexhill Refugee Camp, which is a huge pile of rubble where Kalashnikov-toting resistors square off with tanks and heavily armed British troops. Perhaps extraordinarily for an ‘action’ movie, Theo never takes up a weapon, even in self defence. He runs when he hears gunfire, and takes cover when shot at, and throws up his hands in surrender when confronted. None of this detracts from the intensity of the action — his task is to get Kee to safety, which he does with heart-stopping fervour and admirable tenacity.

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“The Children of Men” is not another of Ms. James’s famed detective novels, and it is not, as it has sometimes sloppily been described, science fiction. It is a trenchant analysis of politics and power that speaks urgently to this social moment, a 14-year-old work that remains surprisingly pertinent. Mr. Cuarón and Mr. Owen have made a film that works superbly apart from the book, but Ms. James’s extraordinary novel deserves to be rediscovered on its own.

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In the bleak and chaotic world illustrated by Children of Men, the citizens have a fear of the outside world. The world had collapsed into a post-apocalyptic state with no children, no hope, chaos and destruction infrared into the citizen’s daily lives, which has caused humans to jet towards their extinction. For instance, this is evident, during the first scene of the movie. Theo the main protagonist nearly escapes a violent bombing. After that he gets up he brushes off the dust, and continues walking. This scene portrays the violence which has become a part of their daily lives.

Children of Men, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, screenplay by Cuarón and Timothy J. Sexton, based on the book by P.D. James
Children of Men, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, screenplay by Cuarón and Timothy J. Sexton, based on the book by P.D. James

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One of the pleasures of modern movies is watching an artist like Cuaron at work. In the spellbinding Children of Men, his best film to date, Cuaron, 45, fills every frame with his passion and intellect. Here's a movie that grabs you hard, pops your eyes, provokes your mind and ultimately lifts your spirits. As director and co-writer, Cuaron takes on a 1992 novel by P.D. James set in 2027 in battle-battered England, the only country left to soldier on in the face of massive terrorism, immigrant invasion and global infertility (no child has been born since 2009). The death of Baby Diego, at eighteen the youngest living person, has caused a period of national mourning.

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Despite its theme (that of global, near- synchronous infertility), Children of Men is no ordinary science fiction movie. There are no technological wonders to distract the viewer or to compensate for weak story lines. The movie is set in a world that is only slightly grimier than ours. The cars are only slightly different, the computers entirely believably for its time (or ours). In fact, its main theme of infertility is downplayed, and frequent references to societal collapse, racism, fascism and environmental disaster are made to explain the darkness of the times. And these aren’t fictional themes.

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That warning comes back to haunt the entire novel, and it’s a theme the film could have put to fuller use. In its second half the screen version of “Children of Men” all but abandons its social concerns. (We see that immigrants have been forced into camps, but how and why?) It becomes a thoughtful chase movie. And even with Mr. Owen’s tough yet stirring performance, Theo is more conventional on screen. Like the film character, the book’s Theo has also lost a small child, but he has been responsible for the death, no state for a movie hero to be in.