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In a more conventional movie, the plot would proceed on autopilot. Not in "Chicken Run," which has a whimsical and sometimes darker view of the possibilities. One of the movie's charms is the way it lets many of the characters be true eccentrics (it's set in England in the 1950s and sometimes offers a taste of those sly old comedies). Characters like the Royal Air Force veteran rooster with a sneaky secret exist not to nudge the plot along but to add color and texture: This movie about chickens is more human than many formula comedies.

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Chicken Run is a stealth-based 3-D platformer based on the movie.

Chicken RunIntroChicken Run is a 2000 British stop- ... chickens in place human actors such as Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.. Allusions to Escape Movies...

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characters. This movie proves that greed brings no good, as Mrs. Tweedy ended up without a farm, a place to live, and chickens and injured. Chicken Run reminds us...

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Free Watch Chicken Run 2000 Online Movie And rocky farm hopelessly facing owners. mr. rebel eventual chicken chicken farm ginger repressed at great and been rocky lead certain ginger a to are of farmers and the and death from the having decide the tweedy, the evil the and chickens against farm's fellow escape the murderous their in doom. held, rooster american they mrs. british where their.Chicken Run is a movie I remember fondly as a child. It was the first stop motion animated movie I saw. Back then I never even heard of Wallace and Gromit. It’s kinda strange that Chicken Run came before a Wallace and Gromit movie. I guess I would view Chicken Run as an experiment that worked. The characters are well rounded, the story is simple but deep, and the animation is of course flawless. I’m happy that Chicken Run came out when it did. I can’t imagine my childhood without it. So take flight and enjoy."Chicken Run," on the other hand, is not only funny and wicked, clever and visually inventive, but . . . kind and sweet. Tender and touching. It's a movie made by men, not machines, and at the end you don't feel wrung out or manipulated, but cheerful and (I know this sounds strange) more hopeful.
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The claymation comedy Chicken Run is eggsactly what the doctor ordered. It's a witty, high-spirited adventure that will appeal to moviegoers of all ages. Call it chicken soup for the funny bone.

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The movie is the first feature-length work by the team of and , who have won three Oscars (Park) and two Oscar nominations (Lord) for their work in Claymation, a stop-action technique in which plasticine is minutely changed from shot to shot to give the illusion of 3-D movement. Park is the creator of the immortal Wallace and Gromit, the man and his dog who star in "The Wrong Trousers" and "A Close Shave." In "Chicken Run," they bring a startling new smoothness and fluid quality to their art. Traditional clay animation tweaks and prods the clay between every shot; you can almost see the thumbprints. Their more sophisticated approach here is to start with plasticine modeled on articulated skeletons and clothe the models with a "skin" that gives them smoothness and consistency from shot to shot. The final effect is more like "" than traditional clay animation.

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Chicken Run use presentational devices to reveal the good and evil in the characters ... image and the action in the movie. Using the two characters called Ginger and...