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In the iconic film, The Breakfast Club, five random high school students must spend their Saturday together in detention. Each teen is in detention for a different reason. The Jock, the Princess, the Brain, the Basket Case, and the Criminal must put aside their differences to survive their grueling eight hour detention with their psychotic and rash principal Mr. Vernon. While in detention, they are expected to write about “who they really are” in one thousand words. Throughout the day, their actions reveal their innermost struggle involving their cliques and their home lives. As the movie progresses, we find out the reason each teen is in detention that culminates in a climactic discussion about who they really are, which ironically answers the essay none of them were going to write (except Brian). In the end, Brian is manipulated into writing a group essay for everyone in which he gives each person their defining nickname. While each student represents a different clique, together they form The Breakfast Club.

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The Breakfast Club movie comprises of several prominent cast. Judd Nelson casted as John Bender acts as the rebel of the group who gets detention for creating false alarm. The second prominent person in the movie is Emilio Estevez. He played Andre Clark in the movie. He represented the jock of the group. Molly Ringwald played the role of Claire Standish, the most popular girl in the school. Fourthly, Ally Sheed played the role of Allison Reynolds. The other prominent cast include John Kapelos, Paul Gleason and Anthony Michael Hall. The setting of the movies is in a library of a fictional high school named Shermer High School. The five students in detention spend time in the library ordered not to speak or move from their seats. It is an American Teen drama film (Hughes, 18).
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the end of the day as friends, and in couples, Alison and Andy, Claire and John and Brian and his work. The Breakfast Club starts with the title sequence, a very plain black background with the names in gold, orange writing, in a very simple font. This suggests that the film is going to be for teenagers, you can also tell that this isn’t going to be an action film from the opening credits because it isn’t full of special effects and also the font would be big and bold.…

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Cliques are groups of people with mutual interests and goals, who spend a majority of their time with each other. They can be found at every high school. The Breakfast Club is a movie that brings five students belonging to different cliques together in an unfortunate situation-detention. At the beginning of the movie, these five students appear to be very different people who have nothing to say to each other. However, throughout the movie, the sanctions of each clique become less relevant, and they find that they themselves have formed their own clique: The Breakfast Club. Coming into the detention session, each character has a fixation in a stereotypical high school role. Claire is the "princess"; an upper-class, popular socialite who is in detention for ditching class to go shopping. In contrast, Bender is a lower-class (and perhaps abused) young man who has a perception of being a sociopathic "criminal." Because Bender constantly questions and defies authority, he is a detention professional. Andrew (the jock) is a disciplined and driven wrestler who wants to break free from the demands of the athlete role. Brian (the brain) is a straight-A student who struggles with expectations of high grades--and who is experiencing devastation about his recent failures in shop class. Finally, Allison is an ignored introvert who longs for attention and in attempt to receive it, acts like a deviant "basket case." At the beginning of the session, the determination of the status by the pecking order of the school's social structure. During the school week, Andrew and Claire have high social status. They recognize their shared status level and sit by each other upon entering the detention session. The two break into conversation about their mutual high-status friends whereas the other detention attendees listen. Brian is probably next in the school status...