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Most movies about life in the hoods of LosAngeles, New York City, andother urban areas of the U.S. are discounted as novelty entertainmentfor audiences seeking sex and violence. Out of an era of gangster rapcame a nationwide exposure of the issues within the Black and Latinocommunities, and directors like John Singleton and the Hughes Brothersfollow in the footsteps of the great Spike Lee. The film Boyz n theHood is an intricate examination of the archetypes and stereotypes ofthe hood, as well as an introduction to the survivors, both trapped inthe violence and escaping the cycle. The film concentrates on a Blackcommunity without the interactions between communities shown in Do theRight Thing, another epic race commentary. The direction of the film isfluid and natural, the acting heartfelt and strong, the affectextraordinary. The message of the movie is deeper than White or Italianbased gangland movies, because the human aspect and the characters aremore solid and approachable, and rooted in highly intellectual andapplicable theories on race and violence. This film is a showcase ofthe radical and moderate themes expressed by Black activists, withLaurence Fishburne's character as the leader and role model of thefilm. A careful examination of the film reveals a strong message and astrong film. Don't underestimate the power of this film.

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Write a paper applying Criminological theory to the characters in the movie Boyz n the Hood

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Boyz n the Hood is a spirited, realistic and surprisingly sentimental look at youth growing up in a world of violence in South Central Los Angeles. Looking back a quarter century later, the plot may feel predictable, where you can guess which characters are going to die. But this is only because it’s been repeated by countless imitators: Juice (1992), South Central (1992), Menace II Society (1993), Poetic Justice (1993), Dangerous Minds (1995), Friday (1995) and the Wayans Brothers’ spoof, Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996). In order for something to be cliche, it must have been done time and again. Boyz n the Hood was the trend setter.

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Moreover, in terms of connecting Boyz N the Hood to our course, I was beguiled by a few similarities and differences between Do the Right Thing and Boyz N the Hood. One similarity is that both Singleton and Lee introduce protagonist characters in their films (Mookie in Do the Right Thing, and Furious in Boyz N the Hood) that illuminate the thematic messages that each director is trying to communicate in their films. Another, similarity is that both films introduce complex themes and frankly explored racism, using contemporary rap music as background and as political commentary. In regards to differences between the films a few standout in my view. One difference is that while Boyz N the Hood focuses on interactions of characters in the black community, Do the Right Thing focuses on interaction of characters among the black community and other diverse ethnic communities. Another difference is that both films have a different stance on how violence can be used as a remedy for societal ills. In Boyz N the Hood, Singleton makes it clear that violence is not the answer to societal ills and this is evident by the end quote of the movie, which is to “Increase the Peace.” In Do the Right Thing, Lee is not so clear with his view on violence as a remedy to societal ills. In fact his stance is rather ambiguous, as evident by the two quotes at the end of the movie. The first from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., argues that violence is never justified under any circumstances. The second, from Malcolm X, argues that violence is “intelligent” when it is self-defense. I think Lee does this, perhaps to justify violence as a remedy for social ills in certain situations.

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Boyz in the Hood is a statement of how urban youth have been passed a legacy of tragic indifference, and the writer has shown that it is an almost inescapable fate for those born into racism and poverty to repeat the patterns they wish to escape. The movie’s characters are clear representations of how the system fails young black youth in the United States, and the difference one mentor can make for these kids. During segregation young black children became targets for white brutality. This movie…

Write a paper applying Criminological theory to the characters in the movie Boyz n the Hood.

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The poignant social message that Singleton is attempting to impart in the film Boyz N the Hood is the influence that a father has on a youthful urban African-American person who lives in a ghetto and then the effect of being without a father in the ghetto. However, the influence of a father in a young man life is not the only social message in the film. The problem of racism, which has always been fundamental in American politics as well as culture, has been part of the film industry from its earliest years. Boyz N the Hood was created at a period when LA was experiencing riots along with racial strains provoked by police cruelty towards Rodney King. Boyz N the Hood turned out to be a critical as well as commercial sensation, employing the usual dramatic effects to investigate and bring out the problem of firearm culture, manliness, drug abuse, sex as well as the responsibility of parenthood. It is an excellent case in point of a widespread compilation of films concerning the lives of youthful black men in modern, urban America.

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“I do believe that the people who are making the films and the shows are just reflecting what they think the consumers want and what they think is really going on in society. I understand that. But because that is what is in fact going on in society, there's a synergy that is destructive ... There is a synergy, and I don't think we can avoid that fact. The best thing is for us to ask ourselves what can be done to break the link without muzzling the creators. For example, I watched Boyz n the Hood very carefully. While it was very violent, it had no romance about the violence. That is a movie I would've wanted a lot of elementary-age kids in the inner city to see, because there was no romance. It was a mean, ugly, sad, heartbreaking tale of basically good kids who wanted to have a decent life who had it taken away from them.”