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Father LaForgue, a Jesuit, undertakes a long and arduous journey in winter, guided by the Algonquins, threatened by the Iroquois. It is a torturous experience, and “Black Robe” visualizes it in very realistic depictions of Indian life. Throughout the movie we can very well find details of the housing of the Indians, their methods of hunting and food procurement and the way they use absolute trust and cooperation of each other to fight against the deadly climate.

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Revisiting an old classic: Black Robe Three Ways | …
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Revisiting an old classic: Black Robe Three Ways

“Black Robe” is a movie that tells the story of the first contacts between the Huron Indians of Quebec and the Jesuit missionaries from France who came to convert them to Catholicism, but ended up delivering the Indians into the hands of their enemies.

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The Jesuits saw the “Savages”, as they called them, as souls to be saved. The natives saw the Black Robes, as they called them, as destroyers and “demons” threatening the gods and sorceries, which ordered their lives. Out of that, a big conflict between two cultures is shown.

“Black Robe” – Movie Review
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Cecilia, Amanda and Laurie: Thanks for this wonderful forum (and to Liana for commissioning it)! I also teach Black Robe with Allan Greer’s edition of the Jesuit Relations, in a course on early modern travel and contact. I’ll have to look at the Churchill and Axtell pieces next time I teach the class. I appreciate your different analyses of the film’s strengths and weaknesses and your discussions of the different contexts in which you teach it. One additional thing the film does for me, when paired with the Jesuit Relations, is to help students think theoretically about the comparative benefits of text and image as pedagogical tools, and also the process of how historical films are made. They are surprised when they realize that the filmmakers have also read the Jesuit Relations; for them, it is fascinating to guess which scenes are drawn from which récits, and to see where the film departs from text. Thanks for revisiting this classic: those of us who have taught it many times can always use fresh food for thought to enliven future showings!

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According to my knowledge, the movie “Black Robe” is historically very accurate. That is what makes it very fascinating and it is impressive, how the viewer is able to look into the hearts and minds of the French men, as well as the Indians By doing that, the movie did not take sides. I have to admit that Black Robe had given me a depressive feeling and that some scenes are hard to forget, but it was telling the truth and that is important.

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