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is a 1966 film that documents the violent Algerian uprising (1954-1962) against French colonial rule in the city of Algiers. The main Algerian character of the film is Ali La Pointe, a wayward and pugnacious youth who is politically and religiously radicalized in prison, eventually becoming among the leaders of the (FLN). On the French side, the dominating character is Lieutenant-Colonel Mathieu, the paratroop commander whose hawkish principles lead him to adopt extreme counter-insurgency tactics. The film shows how despite being overwhelmed by the might and methods of the French military, the FLN was able to unite and mobilize a people towards self-rule and independence. The following (short) essay will analyze the conflict in The Battle of Algiers from a and dynamics model.

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Until September 66 we had had no symbolic event on a world scale that marked a setback for globalization itself. Though it is both troubling and telling, the screening of the film by the Pentagon in the aftermath of 9/66 and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan is only the latest chapter in the afterlife of The Battle of Algiers. And we said “Don’t tell him! This film is full of that grayness. Later in life, he had real regrets about that and talked openly against them. Did any particular movie help inspire this tone? We got some really great images, but as we put that sequence together, we just couldn’t put it in.

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Obviously, the Death Star becomes like the nuclear bomb, the race to be the first to have a super-weapon. One of the things that stood out to me while watching the footage was was how the Rebellion scenes feel like something out of a French Resistance movie, like a sci-fi Army of Shadows. Yeah, things like The Battle of Algiers. He sat down out his outlook post and was just slumped with his head down, like “I can’t take this anymore. There’s a shot that didn’t make the film. That gray of the bad guys thinking they’re doing good things and the good guys accidentally doing bad things and life being more sophisticated than just good versus evil. To read about discoveries made during construction of a subway in Turkey, go to.

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After a couple more documentaries, Pontecorvo returned to dramatic features with The Battle of Algiers, which would prove to be his most successful and influential film. In terms of style, he stayed close to Rossellini and his own non-fiction, shooting The Battle of Algiers to look like a documentary. He hired only one professional actor (the man who plays the French colonel), using nonprofessional locals to fill the other roles. The part of Algerian revolutionary Jaffar was played by Saadi Yacef, the actual Algerian revolutionary on whom the character was based. Pontecorvo filmed on location in Algiers, and used natural lighting and inexpensive newsreel film stock to add authenticity. The realism was so convincing that Pontecorvo added this disclaimer at the beginning: "Notice: Not even one foot of newsreel or documentary film is included in this picture."

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Therein lies the film's most enduring power. For a modern American audience, it is unsettling to watch a movie about insurgent Muslims using terrorist attacks to achieve their goals ... and to sympathize with the terrorists. Of course, the FLN was motivated by nationalism, whereas the terrorists we're familiar with in Iraq and Afghanistan are motivated by religious fanaticism, but their tactics are eerily similar. Groups as diverse as al-Qaida, the Black Panthers, and the Irish Republican Army have used the movie to train its members. On the other side of things, the U.S. Pentagon held a screening for military experts shortly after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 to highlight the potential dangers in using brute force to win a battle while losing the support of the people, as the French had done in their crackdown against the FLN.

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There's the 1966 BATTLE OF ALGIERS, a documentary account of Islamic revolutionaries using 'terrorist' tactics against the colonial French. It has scenes of the slaying of innocent civilians by harmless-looking women carrying bombs in handbaskets. At one point a captured rebel tells the press that if the French give him airplanes and missiles, he'd gladly stop using women with baskets. The movie comes off as pro-Marxist propaganda, but it quite fairly shows both sides of the issue, making a good case for the French paratroops who must use torture to fight the rebels.