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Auroras - High Altitude Static Discharge

The fact NASA is a civilian agency in a ‘National Security State’ where the military reigns supreme should tell people something right from the get go.

— Trustworthiness; Responsibility.

‘U.S Air Force Space Command’ doesn’t command space unless it controls it, so looking at NASA and trying to understand what’s going on is not going to get you far as NASA is not in control.

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We have been termed apollo 13 essay as the United States, the United

“It’s embarrassing how simple-minded my fellow Americans are.” I am not American, and your assumption that I am is highly suggestive of a narrow-minded & parochial outlook.

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“.. you make an amoeba look like a complex organism.” Why? Why do you need to resort to puerile insults? And considering I am using a PC I am clearly more sophisticated than an amoeba.

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3.) “Americans don’t hate the world like the world hates Americans.” Ask you self why so many people hate America. (clues: it is nothing to do with jealousy but is everthing to do with that summarised in 3. above.)

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2.) “Americans don’t hate the world like the world hates Americans.” America may not hate other countries but it certainly bombs them, invades them, blackmails them, destabilises them and over throws their governments.
Question from John McKenna: Are solid rockets affected by POGO as was Apollo 13’s second stage?

Earth's Magnetic Field Totally Breaks Down

Oh Yeah your evidence. The Hubble telescope can see galaxies tens hundreds if not thousands of light years away. Why dont they just point it towards the moon and take pictures of the evidence they left behind. uh? 50 Years and why havent they been back. So 1960s 12 men supposedly walked on the moon went and came back 6 Times. 50 years went by who havent they gone once? uh

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3. Why didn't the television networks cover the launch of Apollo 13?

Question from Chad: All of the books on Apollo 13 carry a certain tone of absoluteness… When the men of Apollo 13 became stranded, everyone involved seems to recall an attitude of “We Must!” My question is this: Looking back, was that an attitude that was held true at heart, or only projected outwardly. Obviously everyone involved on the ground was going to do EVERYTHING humanly possible to bring those men home safely, but to put it bluntly, failure was most definitely one of the possibilities. How did that weigh on your mind and heart? Did it help you (the plural you) work harder at the problem, or was a hindrance… Kind of a needle in your brain that jabbed at you constantly?

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Apollo 13 Academic Essay. How was apollo 12 a successful failure.

“Until then, keep acting like a stereotypical American ..” Again I am not an American, and again such a statement is rather indicative of insularity.