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For as much bad press as Pocahontas got, I must say I really disagree with the people who call it flat and lifeless. I thought that after the exclusively tan Lion King, the fresh blues and greens of the foggy Virginia woods were quite beautiful to behold. No one can deny that this is a very beautiful movie, almost exquisite in its animation. Although John Smith is nowhere near as handsome as he thinks he is and peoples' eyes have a strange tendency to all but disappear at times (Look at Smith, Nakoma and Kokoum to see what I mean), it is very very pretty.

Unfortunately, if they'd just waited a year or so after The Lion King, I think it would have gotten much better ratings. As I see it, it is a very interesting story, if a bit tired at times. Pocahontas is a fine heroine, she's very courageous and likeable, and unlike Jasmine and Nala from the previous two Disney films, she's much more than just a pretty face. The love story with Captain Smith is actually done rather well despite the fact that I really disliked the Smith character. I'm not sure why they made him so flat and one-dimensional in contrast to Pocahontas' rich personality, but I didn't find him at all interesting.

The cute animal mascots were allright, if totally out of place in the otherwise dark world. They would be funny to little kids, but they're pretty annoying to a mature viewer.

I didn't really care for Chief Powhatan, he was a little too dense considering the circumstances. I'd say my favorite characters were Nakoma, Pocahontas' best friend and Kokoum, the personality-less warrior. At least those two had some decent tension. I also really enjoyed David Ogden Stiers' duel performance as Governor Ratcliffe and his cute little yes-man, Wiggins. Those two characters truthfully provided the best entertainment of the film, and it might have been a better movie if they'd replaced some of the preachiness with more entertaining scenes of those two plotting.

All in all, it doesn't really take much intelligence to watch it, but it does have elements to appeal to a mature viewer, and besides, the songs are very pretty and of course, it's a splendid piece of animation.

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Essay On My Favorite Animated Movie

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Television animation developed from the success of animated movies in the first half of the 20th century. Lineage archer comparison essay. I talk about an animation such as Arthur. Just to share with everyone about one of my favorite movies. Last shot of the day. The state of animation changed dramatically in the three.

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First, the storyline of animated movies are getting more and more realistic. Adults find that recent animated movies are real as they are closely related to life experiences. This changes adults’ view on animated movies as being for only children and the fantasy-oriented. Adults are mature and would like to watch something that would probably remind them of nostalgic memories during their childhood which is provided by the animated movies. There are also some animated movies portraying history in a very sensible way. Saladin is one of the historical animated movies that potrayed such way. Furthermore, there are some moral are instilled in most animated movies. This allows adults to take a lesson from animated movies and practice the good values portrayed in the movie in real life.

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Essay buy videos Taste of Cinema. How is a typical Disney animation movie. Disney makes movies for guys as well. A film with no villains. To talk with animation. SimbaKing Film Reviews blogger Disney movies with one parent specifically toy story. How can I make an essay about gender roles in. Essay about different types of movies Each drawing or painting is. Animation definition, animated quality.

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Film animation technology has come a long way since the early days of hand-drawn cartoons. The techniques used by animators to bring characters to life have improved dramatically over the years, and unlike traditional animation, which made its debut in 1906 and created the illusion of movement through frame-by-frame manipulation of drawings and illustrations, most animators today use computers to generate three-dimensional images.