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Eventually, Schultzberg did indeed leave the band in September 1996, on a United States tour. Before going on stage for their first show in the state of , Olsdal informed Schultzberg that he wasn't going on the tour in Germany that was following the US one. At the manager's request, Schultzberg did two more shows with the band in Paris after the US tour, the last of which was a performance on the French TV series . According to Schultzberg "Molko said that he was 'tired of being the focus of Robert's rages against the world', and quite frankly, I was tired of being his". While Schultzberg was with the band, several early works were recorded, including their first 7" single "Bruise Pristine", the "" EP, the single version of "Nancy Boy" (with B-sides "", "Miss Moneypenny" and the cover "Bigmouth Strikes Again") and their eponymous debut album. On the track "I Know", Schultzberg played as well as drums. Hewitt eventually joined Placebo as a full-time member at Molko's request.

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In October they were one of the first acts to sign to 's fledgling label, and in late December traveled to Virgin's in Oxfordshire, England, to record their third album, . As they settled in, they were played a rough mix of 's , then already in production. Towards the end of their recording sessions they were joined by English guitarist , whom they had met a few weeks earlier in France playing with , and who had replaced Oldfield in Ayers' band. He arrived too late to contribute much to the album, but would soon become a key component in the Gong sound.

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1972 saw the start of increasing line-up disruption for Gong. Laurie Allan left in April to be replaced by Mac Poole, then and then Rob Tait, before returning again late in the year. Gilli Smyth left for a time, returning to to look after she and Daevid Allen's baby son, and was replaced by Diane Stewart, who was the partner of Tait and the ex-wife of . Christian Tritsch moved to guitar and was replaced on bass by former member , while the band's sound was expanded with the addition of synthesizer player .

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Ve Orkestra Çalmaya Devam Ediyor (özgün adı: And The Band Played On), 1993 yapımı bir dram filmidir.

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Casting would make or break the movie, and it wasn’t just a matter of finding a bunch of ethnic, East Coast talents. This story was about guys who’d known one another since elementary school; the different types had to mesh into a convincing whole. Led by casting genius Ellen Chenoweth, Levinson and Johnson planted themselves in New York, scouted countless comedy clubs, and auditioned some 500 actors. Michael O’Keefe—just off an Oscar-nominated performance in The Great Santini—turned down the part of Billy, which was given to Timothy Daly. John Doe, the lead singer of the punk band X, read for Fenwick and made the 23-year-old Bacon, whose bedroom then was a kitchen-floor piece of foam in an 85th Street S.R.O., very nervous.

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The re-born Gong played its debut gig at the BYG Actuel Festival in the small Belgian town of Amougies, on 27 October 1969, joined by Danny Laloux on hunting horn & percussion, and Dieter Gewissler & Gerry Fields on violin, and was introduced to the stage by bemused compere . was released in March 1970, followed in April by a non-album single, "Est-Ce Que Je Suis; Garçon Ou Fille?" b/w "Hip Hip Hypnotise Ya", which again featured Laloux and Gewissler. In October, the band moved into an abandoned 12-room hunting lodge called Pavillon du Hay, near and , 120 km south-east of Paris. They would be based there until early 1974.

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The band eventually chose the name Placebo, due to its meaning in Latin, "I shall please". Molko has frequently stated in interviews that the name is a rejoinder to the 1990s cliché of naming one's band after a drug. In an interview, Molko stated: