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W.E.B. DuBois taught us that the slave trade and the struggle against it were magnificent dramas superior even to the Greek tragedies. This year is the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the British slave trade by the English Parliament, and the bicentennial is celebrated in the movie, Amazing Grace. Far from being a majestic human drama involving millions of human beings on three continents in the protracted and mighty struggle of greed and cruelty against liberation and dignity, Amazing Grace presents an English story of pretty people either having tedious tea-parties at various country estates or compromising with one another in boring rhetoric in that exclusive British men's club, the House of Commons.

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The actors Toby Jones, who plays one of King George III’s many sons, and Ciaran Hinds are also on hand for much of the parliamentary proceedings, delivering withering commentary and general amusement as two of Wilberforce’s most powerful foes. Albert Finney also blusters in every so often as Wilberforce’s mentor, John Newton, who wrote the song that gives the film its title. In many respects, “Amazing Grace” offers a snapshot of the British Empire at the beginning of its long decline as the dominating world power. It takes nothing away from Wilberforce and his stunning achievements to note that this film, at its best, is another reminder that no matter how diminished that political might, no one sells old-fashioned, Hollywood-style history and manners better than those acting royals across the pond.

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Many movies pretend importance. Few, however, make good on their lofty ambitions. In contrast, Amazing Grace isn't landing at the multiplex with a multimillion dollar ad campaign trumpeting its arrival. And yet, the messages it delivers are important.

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