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It seems that even the police were carried away by the "Clockwork Orange" hysteria. When Frank Boulton a 50 year old wood seller was murdered in Newton-le-Williams in May 1973, despite no evidence to support their rationale, detectives started a search for a "Clockwork Orange Gang". A police spokesman said, "Teenagers in Newton-le Williams have been buying similar make up and dress to that used in the film. Special squads have been detailed to check out fancy dress shops in the area...The comparison with facts in the film are being followed up as a strong line of inquiry". These comparisons are recounted to the reader in the same article, in the Daily Mail's own inimitable style, "In the film , banned in some towns because of its violence, a kinky group of teenagers in fancy dress savagely attack an old tramp, leaving him for dead."[44]

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Struggling with Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange? Check out our thorough summary and analysis of this literary masterpiece.

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Burgess originally agreed to dispense with chapter 21 for money but, once he had made enough, insisted that it was reinserted. He was correct in doing this, although you can understand why Stanley Kubrick, though filming in Britain, chose to work from the US edition and omitted it. This understandably was a running sore for Burgess, though his ire was directed not at the film-maker, with whom he remained on good terms, but his American publishers. They relented subsequently, including the last chapter in later editions, with a 1986 introduction from Burgess himself titled A Clockwork Orange Resucked. This is wonderful reading, Burgess wallowing in his sententious and materialistic side, but also displaying his witty, self-deprecating and moralistic face. If a writer’s novels are their psychic children, A Clockwork Orange was the troublesome bastard who ran away from home, lived the savage life of a drug-addled, thieving wastrel and then won millions on the lottery.

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writer" and the "stepfather" of a "punk cult" (Burgess, "A Clockwork Orange: A play with music") which sprung up around the Kubrick film. Compiled upon the movie-galvanized image of the novel, the handiwork of ignorant critics cements Orange's reputation as a phantasmagoria of sex and violence. An anonymous reviewer for the Times Literary Supplement once labeled the tome "a nasty little shocker" (qtd. in Burgess, "A Clockwork Orange: A play with music"), and the pithy epithet now graces the…

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A Clockwork Orange is a deeply ironic satire on the nature of free-will, the individual vs a government verging on totalitarianism, and of course, the timeless themes of good and evil. It’s the kind of film where an uncomfortable moment will be briefly followed by a section so absurd and ludicrous that it is utterly hilarious – almost as if the rape and violence never occurred. This is because the film switches perspectives and asks us to empathise with the state, the victim of a crime and the criminal – and due to this, we feel uneased, disgusted and then well…we laugh…and then later on, feel guilty and ashamed for laughing. Kubrick constructs images which are not only dreamlike and bizarre in their nature, but work with sound in such a way that they hit our emotional psyche harder than most films do – in this respect, A Clockwork Orange works in a similar way that 2001 does. His images are memorable due to their nonsensical and intentionally-iconic nature.